PrimeIT invests in “Life Sciences” and opens office in Basel

PrimeIT invests in “Life Sciences” and opens office in Basel

March 4, 2021

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PrimeIT ended 2020 with the introduction of a new company, Prime Life Sciences, focused on Pharma, Biotechnology and Medical Devices. This time, we expanded to Basel, in Switzerland, in a year that globally challenged the entire industry with links to healthcare.

Investing in Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices

Prime Life Sciences was born from the commitment of our experienced professionals to find the best solutions and innovations in life sciences.

In addition to strengthening the business models of its partners, Prime Life Sciences also uses recruitment mechanisms, already known to PrimeIT, which, in this case, seek specialized consultants in Life Sciences that guarantee maximum confidentiality, in all stages of the procedures. It is with a performance of maximum quality that Prime Life Sciences accompanies the life cycle of its clients’ services and products and, with a simple and transparent approach, together with solid experience, adapts to the real needs of each partner, resorting to a relationship of maximum closeness and trust.

For Vincent Grenet, Executive Director of PLS, “the Life Sciences Industry is extraordinarily challenging. Being a link in healthcare is fascinating, but also a huge responsibility. We could not accept any mistake because the patient’s life is at the end of the chain! With PLS we are developing a new business approach, offering our partners all the support they need for their projects, such as Technical Services, which include Product Development and Process Development. Our ethos is to build a true partnership, we want to develop a relationship of trust with our clients and our consultants.”

The challenge of international expansion

The opening of this new office reinforces the mission of international expansion that PrimeIT has outlined over the years. Gonçalo Mousinho, International Executive Director, states that “it is with great satisfaction that we share with everyone the opening of a new business area, the Life Sciences area, and our first office, 100% dedicated to it, which opened last 2 January 2021, in Basel, the European heart in the areas of pharmaceutical industry, medical devices and biotechnology. Under the design of a new brand, Prime Life Sciences aims to complement the already consolidated IT, Telecom, Digital Marketing and Engineering, and aims to become more and more a multidisciplinary company in terms of Engineering and Technology, in Europe“.

Recalling that we are living a complex situation associated with the pandemic, which conditions us with the curfew, our International CEO assumes that “when the situation returns to normal, we want to be at the forefront of companies prepared to respond to the new challenges of our clients”. Already looking to the future, he reveals that the objective is “to reach the end of the year with a team of 20 employees and quickly gain competence in an area of great usefulness to humanity. We know that we have a long way ahead but based on our 14 years of existence and know-how, we will capitalise on them to the maximum so that we can quickly become a reference in the region over the next few years“. With PLS, we thus achieve 12 offices in Europe, a number that shall continue to rise in the near future, with the approach to new markets.